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1- Place an order directly with a present establishment or others, then send us the order information and we will deliver to you within minutes.

2- Or order directly through us and we take care of the rest and then we deliver to you. (phone or whatsapp)

Pressing 5àsec Charmilles

HAStrained : 11 Promenade of Europe, 1203 Geneva


 Address: Rue de Vermount 12,

P-Code: 1202 Geneva

Daily Laundry

Address: Wendt 59, 1203 Geneva

Sports Pressing

Address: Rue Camille-Martin 15

P code:1203 Geneva

Laundry ironing

Address:Rue de la Servette 83  1202 Geneva

Quali-Clean Dry Cleaning

 Addressesse:Rue de Lyon 8

1201 Geneva

Orquidia Laundry & Dry cleaning

Address: Rue du Vidollet 3

P-Code: 1202 Geneva

Claudina Pressing

 Address: Rue Cherbuliez 7,1207 Geneva

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